Every vehicle today contains a rechargeable battery. This battery powers everything electrical such as the engine’s control computer, the ignition system, the radio the headlights and is vital to the vehicle’s operation.

Your vehicle’s electrical system is always on as the battery continues to run the computers that operate the vehicle so they retain their settings. These use little power and under normal circumstances will not drain the battery.

Like all batteries your car battery would eventually go dead without a built-in recharging system. The recharging system consists of the alternator, alternator drive belt, the battery, the voltage regulator, main fuses, charge indicator, cables and wiring harness.

Warning Signs:

  • The battery light comes on
  • The alternator is making a noise
  • The starter motor turns the engine slowly or unevenly
  • A clicking or chattering noise occurs when you turn the ignition on

Did you know that summer heat greatly reduces battery life, which normally shows up in the cold winter months when your battery is called on to deliver more power to start the engine? If you are experiencing any of the above warning signs come into Automotive Techniques for a 7 point battery inspection.

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