Heating and Cooling

Driving produces an enormous amount of heat – enough to cause serious damage to your engine. That’s why a properly maintained cooling system is so essential to prevent your engine from overheating or, even worse, seizing up. At Speedy Auto Service we’ll inspect your cooling system to spot potential problems before they start.


Cooling System Warning Signs:


  • Dashboard temperature gauge rises when idling or moving slowly
  • Dashboard light indicates low coolant
  • Frequent need to add more coolant
  • Scent of antifreeze inside vehicle
  • Coloured liquid under the front of the vehicle
  • Steam rising from under the hood
  • Coolant in exhaust
  • Discoloured coolant


Air Conditioning Warning Signs:


  • Blowing hot air into your vehicle
  • Air is not blowing into your vehicle’s cabin
  • Smell of anitfreeze from your vehicle’s vents


The Cooling System – More Than Just AntiFreeze


The cooling system works by circulating liquid coolant (typically a mixture of water and propylene glycol antifreeze) through the engine to pick up heat, and then into the radiator to cool back down. A water pump circulates the coolant and a thermostat controls its temperature as it moves through a series of interconnected hoses from engine to radiator to heater and back.


Air Conditioning System:


Your vehicle’s Air Conditioning System relies on three key components: the compressor, condensor and evaporator. These components work in concert to ciruclate refridgerent (in the form of gas) and regulate the temperature of your vehicle’s cabin.


Your vehicle’ cooling system and A/C System needs to be kept in good shape to protect the engine and other components. Have a Speedy technician inspect and, if necessary, repair your vehicle’s cooling system.